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1.            Try you for the first time,
2.            Come back regularly,
3.            Spend more per visit on your most profitable lines.

That’s where marketing comes in – it’s how you get people to do those three things. 

To help you achieve this AA Training Associates has put together two marketing-based courses; Finding and Keeping Customers and Producing Marketing Campaigns. Both are aimed at making your marketing more effective - the first provides you with the basic principles involved in marketing, with the second showing you how to deliver it effectively. 

The two courses can be taken separately to provide you with any skills you may not already have, or together to provide a thorough grounding in how to market your business. Finding and Keeping Customers is aimed at those with no marketing knowledge with Producing Marketing Campaigns aimed at those who know a bit about marketing but who want to know how to do it more effectively.

Every establishment needs to generate a flow of new customers as well as encouraging the ‘regulars’ to come back and spend more. This course shows how marketing can help you do this 

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to;

1.                  Identify the most appropriate target customers.
2.                  Create marketing campaigns to appeal to these types of customers.
3.                  Choose the most effective media and forms of advertising.
4.                  Monitor and measure the results of activities.

The course uses case studies and examples to illustrate best practises. 

Basic Principles

·               What is Marketing?
·               Objectives, Strategy & Tactics
·               Finding your target market
·               Generating winning propositions
·               Image and Branding
·               Tailoring your product to your market
·               The concepts of Lifetime Value and Acquisition Costs
·               The balance between new and existing customers 

 Opportunity Generation

·               Buying processes - What makes a customer come to you?
·               Customer Life Cycles – what makes them come back again?

 Customer Development

·               Creating a regular customer base
·               Making each sale more profitable
·               ‘Loyalty’ Schemes

 Communication Options

·               Advertising & Promotion options
·               Choosing the most suitable options

 Pulling it all Together - Planning & Implementation

·               How to turn your creative ideas into reality
·               Creating Measures of Effectiveness
·               Developing Communication Plans
·               Testing different approaches and ideas
·               Post-campaign evaluation – was it worth it?
·               Databases
·               Getting and using Feedback

This course is designed for those who may know the theory of marketing, or where there is a Marketing Plan in place, who now need to turn those plans and requirements into reality. This course shows delegates how to get the campaign ‘out the door’, manage the responses and then measure the campaign’s effectiveness.
Who will benefit;

 ·Staff who know the principles of marketing but are concerned that it is not as effective as it could be.

·Where there is a need to understand the production process, for example, where a company wants to create less reliance on suppliers.

·Where an increase in marketing activity is planned to make sure that the skills and resources are in place to deliver higher volumes of campaigns.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to;

1.Produce individual Campaign Plans for each piece of activity from a Marketing Plan.

2.Build measurement systems into campaigns for response rates, expenditure, Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value.

3.Produce post-campaign evaluations to be used for continuous improvement or validating expenditure.

4.Select, brief and manage suppliers.

5.Allow for the specific production requirements of the most commonly used types of media.

6.Produce creative that generates high response rates

7.Get campaigns ‘out the door’ quickly and cost effectively.

The course uses case studies and examples to illustrate best practises. 
Course Topics;
Target Audience Profiling – Identifying who you need to target Campaign Planning

·               The need for Planning
·               Propositions
·               Acquisition Costs
·               Choosing the right media
·               Timing
·               Calculating Budgets
·               Choosing and Briefing suppliers
·               Fulfilment
 Creative Development

·               The agency/design process
·               Communication Theory
·               Creative Evaluation Evaluation & Measurement
·               Measuring the results
·               Testing

 Specific Media Requirements

·               Merchandising
·               Ambience
·               Databases
·               Mailings
·               Email
·               Printing and distribution, including door drops, leaflets and inserts
·               Advertising
·               Web sites
·               Sponsorship